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Terms and conditions

General conditions to rent a car

The costumer is asked to read and to confirm the acceptance and the signing of the Rental Contract. He must comply by all the following conditions. The company has the right to refuse to rent a car. Customer’s age:
The customer has to be over 21 and to hold a valid license for at least 1 year (according to the Vienna convention adopted on 8th of November 1968)


The prices for rental services are established in Euros and comprise also the VAT and the insurances towards third parties. The payment is to be done in advance, in cash, in dollars, euros, or leis at the day’s RNB exchange rates. Credit card payment is also accepted, with the following charges: Visa and Master Card - 2.5% and American Express - 4.5%. When delivering the rental car, a deposit of 200 - 600 Euros is required. The actual fee will depend upon the car model. The customer will not receive his deposit back in case of inside or outside damages to the rental car (200-600 Euros), stealing of the rental car’s part or the car’s documentation loss (100 Euros) or key loss (150 Euros), or clutch damage (200-600 Euros). The deposit will be fully returned to the client at the returning of the car in good functional and appearance conditions, with full documentation and with all the accessories that it possessed, according to the delivery-receiving protocol signed when renting the car. If the customer returns the car before the contract’s expiration, the difference of the sum paid will not be refunded.

Rental payment does not cover:

The gas (the car is delivered with minimum a quarter of gas); the client’s tickets received for breaking traffic rules; replacement of a damaged vehicle if the damage is caused by the misfit utilization of the car or in case of accident caused by the client (according to the Police’s record), following which, the car can no longer be safely used.

Car’s delivery and returning

The rented car is delivered at the place, date and time established by the costumer and mentioned in the Renting Contract, without any additional fees, within the city of Bucharest. The rented car will be handed over to the client in good working conditions, without any hidden or visible malfunctions, any information regarding the present state of the car being notified in the contract. The client will return the rental car alongside its documents, accessories and equipment at the date, place and time established in the Renting Contract. In case of announced delays, of maximum one hour, there will no extra-fees. If the delay is between one and three hours the extra-fee will equal half-a-day rental fees, and if it exceeds three hours, will equal one-day rental taxes. At the ending of the renting period, the contract will become void, if not otherwise established. If the delay will not be announced by the costumer, the car will be declared stolen at the Police.

The use of the rented vehicle:

The client commits to drive the rented car within the law’s framework. The car will be driven only on national or Europeans roads which are adequately marked. It is interdicted to drive the car on country roads, with no asphalt or on forest roads. The client will always keep the keys and the talon with him when he is not in the car. He should not hand them over to persons who are not part in the car’s renting contract. He will not overcharge the hired vehicle and will not use it for freight transportation. The rented vehicle will not be used for racing or tests, or for pushing or pulling other vehicles. The customer will not repair the rented car except at authorized garages and only with the company’s permission and according to its instructions; the cost of the repairs will be returned based on the bill released in the owner’s name, accompanied by the repairs specifications. The car will not be leaved unlooked with the keys inside. The client will use the rented vehicle according to the instructions released by its producer.

Rental car’s insurance

The hired car is insured for damages caused to third parties only for the rental period specified in the Renting Contract. The damages suffered by the hired car, due to the client’s negligence or to an unknown person will be covered by the insurance policy; except the guarantee deposit, which will be the client’s task. This sum of money will be written in the contract. In case of accident, the client is obliged to go to the Police, which will establish the damages and will release an Observation Record and a Repairing Authorization. These documents are necessary for the insurance and for the car’s reparations. The Police Record is mandatory in every case: if you are guilty, if you are guilty but not involved, if the guilty part is not identified. Without it, the client is held responsible for the entire reparation’s costs. Driving under the alcohol’s or drugs’ influence will bring upon the driver the consequences provided by the law (the Casco insurance will no longer apply). If the car will not be returned in the same delivery conditions, the guarantee deposit (200-500 Euros) will be retained by the owner, and, if the insurance will not cover the damages produced by the client (if he drove under alcohol, narcotics, or other substances influence), he is obliged to pay the damaged car entirely. After the contract expires, the customer is still responsible for paying any prejudice ascertained afterwards.


Any litigation that occurs during the present contract’s duration will be presented to the competent courts in Bucharest. The parties agree that the present contract will constitute Executorial Title for receiving any remaining sum of money, proceeding to enforcement without any collection letter. I agree with the terms and conditions presented above.

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